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What does TOFu mean?

In Advertising, TOFu stands for Top Of Funnel.

TOFu, although sounds like a soy-based vegetarian product, in marketing stands for Top of the funnel. This is the first stage in the sales funnel. At this stage, potential customers aren’t ready to make a purchase just yet. Rather, they’re still getting to know your company and the products or services you offer.

Function of TOFu in Marketing

The goal of marketing at the top-of-funnel (TOFu) is really a concern of reach, repetition and brand awareness. This would not be the point where an advertiser would be looking to drive Direct Response or Conversion optimized advertising.

The marketing team should, therefore, work to qualify these leads so that they can become customers. Create contents that raise awareness of your company, such as blog posts, infographics, social media updates, etc.

Similarly, acronyms like MOFu and BOFu also relate to different points in the buyer journey.

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