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What does SERP mean?

SERP Stands For Search Engine Results Page

Search Engine Results Pages or ‘SERPs’, is the common reference to Google’s search results (among other search engines as well). This is the page that a user is greeted by after searching a particular query. Google SERPs are shown on desktop and mobile devices, yet some of the user experience is slightly different. 

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SERPs showcase paid and/or organic listings based on a user’s search queries. Within both paid and organic listings, there are several sub-categories that build up the diverse nature of SERPs. The top part of the SERP is commonly reserved for Paid Search Ads (or SEM / PPC ads) which could include standard paid listings, local service ads, paid map listings, and Product Listing Ads (or PLA‘s). For organic listings, these range from standard organic listings to image, video and news listings, as well the knowledge graph, map packs, local graph and more. 

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