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What Does MAP Policy Mean?

A MAP Policy Stands For Minimal Advertised Price Policy

MAP Policies are common retail policies limiting retailers from advertising prices under a minimal point. As the acronym indicates, this is specific to the advertised price and not necessarily the sales price. Often times the sale price or in-store price may be marked down lower than it is advertised at. MAP policies can change from time to time while also expiring at a certain point which gives way to, “Coming off MAP.”

MAP Policies In Tier 3 Dealership Advertising

MAP policies are commonly found in automotive, motorsports and other industries and dictate pricing in Tier 3 advertising. Usually aging vehicles or units will come off MAP Policy when they start releasing new models. For instance, 2020 vehicles may come off MAP once 2021 vehicles are in full inventory. MAP Policy may at times only affect the overall selling price, leaving the dealership some freedom in advertising monthly payments for financing or leasing.

MAP Policy Example

Spike Powersports Minimum Advertised Price Policy

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