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How To Run A Successful Recruitment Campaign

how to run a successful recruitment campaign

how to run a successful recruitment campaign

Importance of Running A Successful Recruiting Campaign:

With a “Help Wanted” sign in almost every business’s window, the competitive landscape for hiring employees has never been more fierce. The U.S. job market currently has over 10 million job vacancies and labor shortages occurring across almost every industry and sector. Running successful recruitment campaigns is an effective way to stand out amongst the hiring competition and attract a high volume of job candidates. Keep reading to learn more about how to create a successful recruitment campaign.


Job Market Research:

Before starting your recruitment campaign, you should research the job market in the areas that you plan to target. Analyze your competitors’ successful recruitment campaigns and what offerings they include in their ads. Assess the compensation and benefits they advertise to see how they match up with your own compensation packages. The goal here is to see how you can communicate the value of your company over the competition to potential job candidates. 


Messaging and Ad Content:

The ad copy for your recruitment campaigns should entice job applicants to apply without being overly persuasive. One way to do this is to use Lead Generation campaigns on social media. Lead generation campaigns allow applicants to see what your job offerings are and instantly apply in the ad. Accessibility like this is another great way to stand out from the competition. Additionally, make it clear what applicants can expect if they are looking to apply for the position you are advertising. Is there a sign-on bonus? Can they apply online? Be clear and informative in your ad’s messaging. 



External Recruitment Profiles:

In addition to posting your open positions on your website, you should also post jobs on popular job boards such as Glassdoor and Indeed. Increasing your online presence in this way can assist in your overall recruitment efforts. You can even sponsor job postings, similar to boosting posts on Facebook, to ensure your post is seen by more potential applicants. 

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