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5 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Presence

5 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Presence Cover

Growing Your Social Media Presence

Social media presence is an idea that many of us want to achieve, but it is a lot easier said than done. Do you ever wonder how brands like Gopro, North Face, and Gucci get hundreds of thousands of likes on their social media posts? These brands tend to have blockbuster-sized budgets, but there are other key attributes that help contribute to their massive social media presence. Below are 5 ways you can grow your own brand’s social media presence!

1: Start With S.M.A.R.T Goals

Jumping into social media blindly may find some success but true consistent results come from forming a social media strategy. Social media strategies are one of the most important parts of growing a social media presence. Striving companies in today’s market tend to be very consistent with their posting, and properly pinpoint their audience. An important step to form a social media strategy is to set S.M.A.R.T goals.

This abbreviation stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Setting S.M.A.R.T goals allows us to set a strategy that can help pinpoint your target audience, as well as to measure your strategy’s effectiveness/achievability. It is also very important to note that your brand should be relevant to your target audience, and goals should be accomplished in a timely manner to increase productivity. 

2: Build Relationships

When growing a social media presence/ account it is very important to seek to build relationships, not just followers. While followers are nice to have, relationships can result in more followers and potential customers. 100 customers who frequently engage will always be better than 10,000 that ignore you.

Remember to engage with your followers! Answer any questions they may have, and address their problems/concerns. Social media optimization is a key that many people tend to overlook. Profiles can be optimized through imagery, keywords and fully filling out your account information.

3: Optimize Your Social Accounts

One simple optimization tip is to properly utilize your account bio/description. Bios are great for linking promotions and trending hashtags that can drive more followers to purchase your product/service. It is also important to post content that is related to your industry to better target an audience willing to move forward with a purchase.

4: Engage With Your Audience

Sometimes it is important to stop posting for a moment and start scrolling! Find what is trending in the world, and use it to your advantage. This can not only help endorse your product/service but also show off your brand’s personality.

5: Evaluate Your Performance

Another great way to grow in social media presence is to make data-driven decisions. Using tools to monitor your account activity is key to measuring audience retention, and can help you see what posts are performing well. These analytics tools such as Google Analytics help you stop treating social media like a guessing game and more like a science.

End Note:

Here at Corkboard Concepts, we are driven by strategic planning and data-centricity. We appreciate and value the marketing mix including traditional media but understand the convergent point in digital and value data first.

If you need help developing your social media engagement plan, don’t be afraid to reach out today! See more about our services here.

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