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5 Benefits of a Social Media Giveaway Campaign

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5 Benefits of a Social Media Giveaway Campaign

Have you ever considered incorporating social media giveaways into your marketing strategy? As a business owner, a giveaway campaign is one of the easiest ways to grow your online business. No matter the type of company you own or even the type of prize your business is promoting, let’s face it… consumers LOVE anything FREE! 

With the right goals and approach, social media contests or giveaways can provide many benefits to your business when rolled out the right way.


1. It grows your online following

Giveaways are a great way to build a strong social following. People might not know about a business until someone else they follow shares a post, and if that post is for a FREE prize then it will be more likely to resonate with that individual! The main idea behind many giveaway promotions is to ask contestants to follow a few simple tasks to enter. This could include…

By asking people to complete these items above, contenders will be linked to your page now and in the future – or at least until a winner is announced! 

2. It increases brand awareness

Asking participants to complete the tasks above and sharing the giveaway will allow your business to be exposed to a whole new audience, which is an easy way to expand your reach and promote your overall brand. 

Hosting a giveaway allows the people who are not already following you the ability to hear about you by seeing people engage with an entry. Even if someone is not interested in winning the specific prize, they will now be familiar with your brand name and may be interested in other products or services you offer.

3. Builds positive relationships with your customers

Promoting a prize for people to win drums up excitement and builds a positive feeling towards the business advertising it! Interacting with existing customers/followers positively with a giveaway FREE prize builds up trust and recognition for your business – which can influence their buying decisions down the road. 

4. It brings in new customers

Promoting a giveaway not only builds relationships with your current customers but can help you generate new business as well. Social media giveaways have a way of easily grabbing the attention of new consumers rather than a generic advertisement. Additionally, it’s an effortless way to get visitors to view the site and learn more about your company and what else you have to offer.

5. It drives traffic to your website

Businesses can use giveaway campaigns to increase traffic to their website. For example, a way to enter the contest could include clicking through the post to a landing page on your website. Once the participant enters the giveaway credentials, they will likely visit other pages of your site to learn more about your business and offerings. This helps build your organic search presence!

End Note

Strategically utilizing a social media plan can stunt or progress the growth of your organization! Need help developing the strategic plan to support your organization? Click here to learn more about our social media services.



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