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Which Online Merchant Center Is Better? Google vs. Bing

Merchant Centers

Which Online Merchant Center Is Better? Google vs. Bing

What are merchant centers and why should you use them? If you want more autonomy over how your product inventory appears online and want to reach more customers online, then you may want to consider incorporating a digital storefront or merchant center into your digital advertising strategy. Both Microsoft and Google have digital storefronts that help you manage online product ads. Take a look at the features that each brand has to offer in order to decide which is the best for your business goals. 

What is Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant center is a Google product that allows businesses to display and manage their product listings online. Companies can add photos, pricing, and other product details that will be displayed during Google shopping searches. One of the main benefits of using Google is that it allows for extensive and precise product information through Google Shopping Ads. Customers will be able to see the latest products in catalog format and can even leave reviews for the products. Additionally, because Google is an incredibly popular search engine, Google shopping ads will have a higher volume of impressions and increased visibility over other shopping ads.

What is Bing Merchant Center? 

Bing offers a product that is similar to Google, but this merchant center is on the Microsoft search engine. Similar to Google, Bing Merchant allows customers to view products in an online catalog format and to see product details before clicking on the advertisement. One of the benefits of Bing Merchant center is that because the platform has fewer users and competition than Google, the CPC is typically lower and the CTR and Conversion rates are typically higher. Therefore, with this platform, what you compromise in reaching invisibility, you can make up for in engagement rates. 

Upgrade your eCommerce strategy with a merchant center

Whether you decide to use Google, Bing, or a combination of them, these online platforms are a great way to increase your visibility and traffic for your shopping ads. Digital storefronts are a great way to get your products directly in front of consumers and are necessary for successful shopping campaigns. 

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