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How to Captivate and Convert Your Audience with Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

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In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, companies are always looking for new ways to connect with their audience and boost conversions. One platform that has shown success with this is Instagram. With its visual-based content and large audience base of over 2 billion monthly users, Instagram ads allow advertisers to reach a large number of consumers and generate more conversions. There are a few tactics to utilize in order to successfully run an Instagram Ads campaign.



1. Understand Your Audience

Reaching the correct audience is an important part of advertising, no matter the platform, and this holds true for advertising on Instagram. Campaigns that are reaching the incorrect audience will not produce results regardless of all other factors. This is why it is important to analyze your customer base or current followers to find trends and decide the perfect audience to serve your ads to. This also allows you to create ads based on the audience and use creatives that this audience is more likely to engage with.



2. Create Strong Visual Content

As previously mentioned, Instagram is strongly based on visual content, so creating ads that correctly resonate with your decided audience is important. The content must stop users from scrolling, and get them to engage with the content in one way or another. The ad must also correctly reflect your brand’s identity to the user. Without strong static or video content, Instagram ads will not be as successful.


3. Use Effective Ad Copy

Another important part of an ad on Instagram is the ad copy that is included with the image. Without including captivating copy, Instagram ads will struggle to produce results no matter how strong the visual content is. The copy should stay on topic with the ad and have a clear call to action for the user. There are many results that a call to action can be encouraging depending on the campaign. These desired results can include visiting a website, purchasing a product, or signing up for a mailing list.


4. Use Different Instagram Ads Formats And Placements

Instagram offers a few different ad formats, and it is beneficial to utilize as many of these as possible. Some of these formats include using a single image, using a video, or creating a carousel for the user to scroll through that contains several images. Along with these different formats, there are multiple spots on Instagram where ads can be served. Some examples include the user’s feed, Instagram stories, and Instagram Reels. By using these different placements and ad formats, users will not be seeing the same ad time and time again, so it will stay fresher for longer. 


5. Analyze Results And Adjust 

One of the most important parts of running ads on Instagram is to pay attention to the results that the campaign is producing. If the ads are not getting the desired results, it may be necessary to make changes to your campaign. It is beneficial to find what parts are resonating with your audience and producing results, and build off of that. By continuing to monitor results and make adjustments as needed, campaigns will continue to produce better results in the future.



End Note

In conclusion, Instagram is a very strong platform to run ads to reach a large audience and drive conversions. While it is a strong platform, there are certain aspects of the campaigns that must be considered. It is important to reach the right audience with different formats and placements using the correct Instagram ads and ad copies. It is also important to monitor the results over the campaign’s lifetime and make adjustments when necessary. Looking for more help in starting your Instagram ad campaign? Contact Corkboard Concepts today!

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