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The Power of Image Optimization

The Power of Image Optimization

We all search the web to find virtually everything in this day and age. If your company has a webpage then your clients and potential clients want a fast-loading page. To rise above your competition you have to have a fast-loading website! I will let you in on a secret to harnessing faster loading speeds, using image optimization.


What Is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is a means of bringing your webpage to the forefront of speed! This means you harness the ability to serve your clients faster than any competitor! Who doesn’t want more clients to propel your business to the next level?

Bringing your webpage to the next level is directly correlated to image optimization. Without image optimization you will lose loading speed and therefore clients will become frustrated. They will seek out faster-loading web pages as customers want the absolute best to fulfill their quest for items or services.

Have you ever become frustrated with a web page loading slowly, inefficiently on your devices, or for that matter not loading at all? Alas, Your frustration is not alone as innumerable people suffer this same device conundrum across our most beloved devices! The reason lies in image optimization!


Why do web pages load slowly?

Image optimization revolves around the ability to decrease the file size of the images you want on your web page without sacrificing loading speed or image quality! Images need to be optimized to look flawless on your web page for every user who visits! Decreasing file size is the main goal as large images affect image quality which results in webpage weight and performance! If we put it into perspective: Performing on a low level in any sport we can never be a top athlete.



Let’s delve deeper into image optimization to make your web page win above the rest!

When an image is optimized, the file size through formatting is decreased. Thus, you will incur faster loading speeds inducing optimal user experience! This is due to an image that requires less maintenance to load. When your image is optimized you lose weight (and who doesn’t want to do that?!). The “weight” in interweb lingo is the identifier that states how long your webpage will load.

Slower loading rates occur when your images are NOT optimized. When images are optimized there is a 21% weight drop! Image optimization revolves around decreasing file size through formatting and redacting image quality. The average image can be reduced by FIVE times!



The Benefits of Image Optimization


There are three main benefits to Image Optimization!

  1. As we have precluded already you will have an increased loading speed due to less bandwidth use that will cause current and potential clients to appreciate coming to your webpage for a flawless experience.
  2. A highly regarded mark is that your webpage will rank higher in search engines along with SEO which will bring more clientele to your page.
  3. Less storage will be required on your server inducing the amount that will have to load creating pleased clients.


End Note

No matter how we approach the interwebs, image optimization is an integral aspect of your webpage. To bring the maximal traffic that will proliferate you to the next level of sales or services, images must be optimized. Image optimization is an aspect of a webpage that must never be neglected. To achieve the best traffic, continue to keep clients, and gain new clients all reside upon optimizing the images on your website. At Corkboard Concepts, we strive to help your business succeed through several avenues, including optimization techniques. Contact Corkboard Concepts today to help begin your image optimization campaign!


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