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How to Advertise on Spotify

how to advertise on spotify

Spotify is a growing audio platform where users can listen to music, podcasts, and much more. Their user base is continuing to grow as they are closing deals with exclusive content creators like The Joe Rogan Experience, Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert, and Alexandra Coopers’ Call Her Daddy. 


When businesses advertise on Spotify, this can provide great opportunities to insert brands and/or product into what users are listening to. Spotify has such a variety of content that can compliment almost any advertisement.


Let’s Advertise with Spotify!


To get started, to advertise on Spotify, you’ll want to visit Spotify Ad Studio at Here you’ll want to create your profile. This is different from your consumer profile (if you have one). Once your profile is created you’ll see a user dashboard that looks something like this:

How to Set Up a Campaign


Spotify Ad Studio does a fantastic job with their user interface, allowing new advertisers to easily navigate the dashboard and walk through the creation of a campaign. 


Organizing your Campaign


In the center of the dashboard you’ll see a button that says “Create New Campaign.” You’ll want to click that and you’ll see a dashboard that looks like this:

Once you reach this dashboard you’ll want to determine what you are going to advertise on Spotify. For this example, we are going to show how a Financial Investment Firm could set up a campaign. 


Content Selection 


Once we title the campaign and choose what we are going to advertise on Spotify, we’ll go to the next screen which allows users to set the parameters for their advertising campaign. 


In this case, you’ll see below that we determined podcasts would be an adequate placement to advertise on Spotify for our Financial Investment Firm. We then chose delivery on and off Spotify, allowing this campaign to maximize its reach. We chose to deliver on all platforms, meaning android, iOS and others. We also chose our specific niche, preventing our ad from playing right next to another ad of the same industry. 

Setting Campaign Parameters and Budgets 


The next part of the set up will be determining the timeframe and budget. In this case, we will run December 2021, January 2022, February 2022, and March 2022. The client would like to spend $1,000 per month. 

Choosing your Target Audience

The final part of building your campaign is choosing your target audience. In our client’s case, they wanted Males and Females ages 45+ in a select few DMAs

When picking locations, you’re able to choose from DMAs, Townships, Counties, or event upload a list of zip codes. 

When building the campaign, there is always a “Budget Delivery Likelihood” chart on the screen. This allows you to see how many impressions are available based on the parameters chosen. In this case, after all of our selections, you can see the campaign we have built has a high likelihood of delivering. It will even give you an estimated impression, reach, and frequency

Final Steps

Now that your campaign is built, up, and running you want to make sure you monitor the campaign frequently. This will ensure a smooth fulfillment. If you are running into delivery issues you can always go back and modify your targeting. Now, go advertise on Spotify! 

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