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How Corkboard Concepts Grew eCommerce ROAS To More Than 2500%

how CBC grew ecommerce roas to more than 2500%

Ecommerce Advertising With Corkboard Concepts

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Long Term ROAS Progression With Ongoing eCommerce Optimization

Corkboard Concepts was tasked with taking on an established eCommerce client that had recently increased its advertising exposure through Google Ads. As a successful eCommerce business running on Shopify, the client had a previous advertising agency that had conducted campaigns that were yielding positive results. 

The client had generated about $120,000 in sales in 9 months through Paid Search advertising, which equated to a 480% Return on Ad Spend. The client was set on growing even faster than the current agency could support, which is why they reached out to Corkboard Concepts. 

Early on we were tasked with growing revenue first, while maintaining positive ROAS. 


Our Approach: 

With a focus on growing revenue and the benefit of having preliminary data, we were able to dive into the current eCommerce returns for the client and identify successes and areas for opportunities. 

The primary items identified here were the Google Shopping Ads / Product Listing Ads (PLA) and then standard Pay-Per-Click search ads on Google and Bing surrounding higher value B2B queries. With the focus on B2B, we didn’t eliminate standard B2C ads for Paid Search but limited them due to the return on marketing investment, plus the PLA’s were capturing a lot of B2C purchase intent. 


The Results: 

With the focus on progressing past $3,500 per week in revenue and exceeding the previous 480% ROAS, we were set to get started. 

Our first week in the campaign we actually realized lower results than that of the previous marketing campaign initiated for the client. Setup may take place before the campaign launches, but the first several weeks are largely time to set up the foundation to move forward with. 

The chart below shows our spending each week for the first 11 weeks of the campaign. After 11 weeks, our campaign averaged over 1000% ROAS, compared to 484.62% from their previous vendor. If we were to average the last 6 months of this campaign, you can see the ROAS is far above 1000%. We are closely monitoring this campaign to ensure it continues to trend in this positive direction. 

Spend Revenue ROAS
Week 1 $584.96 $1,959.71 335.02%
Week 2 $919.83 $6,067.18 659.60%
Week 3 $504.77 $2,344.22 464.41%
Week 4 $1,126.49 $9,294.52 825.09%
Week 5 $750.48 $9,967.07 1328.09%
Week 6 $824.03 $8,647.06 1049.36%
Week 7 $787.52 $8,672.38 1101.23%
Week 8 $470.58 $3,183.10 676.42%
Week 9 $468.27 $4,589.00 979.99%
Week 10 $537.81 $6,977.42 1297.38%
Week 11 $538.03 $14,330.34 2663.48%
AVERAGE $7,512.77 $76,032.00 1012.04%


There were certain months where Corkboard’s campaigns performed with a lesser return on ad spend as compared to the previous vendor, but over this 3 month period, we averaged a far greater return. 

Below is a graph showing the trend line of revenue from our campaign. As you can see, the trend line is showing a constant increase in revenue. We plan to keep returns averaging over 1000% when scaling up ad spend. 

Reaching Ecommerce Success With Corkboard Concepts

We specialize in providing businesses with unique, calculated and transparent ecommerce marketing campaigns. The team at Corkboard Concepts maintains a high level of professionalism and diligence for campaigns. From initial audit through live reporting and meetings, you’ll receive a personalized approach to your advertising campaign.

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