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How to Put Together a Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s world, most of the content and marketing we indulge is digitally based. Whether you are reading the news or scrolling through social media posts you are being exposed to digital content and advertising. In order for your business to be successfully branded you will need a digital marketing strategy to keep your business continually growing. 

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy? 

A digital marketing strategy is a planning process where you take a look at your overall business and you set goals.  To achieve these goals you will learn the different marketing channels necessary to succeed. You can set these goals by reviewing your business’s current situation and assessing where you are and where you want to be. Evaluating your current marketing strategy, goals, competitors and target audiences will guide you in the direction you need to go with improving your business.


7 Steps to Building a Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Set a Goal

-What does your business want to accomplish?

2. Evaluate your Existing Digital Marketing Presence 

-Review marketing channels. How are you getting customers?

3. Understand the Digital Sales Funnel

-How do customers know you?

-What makes your business unique?

-Keep in touch with existing customers and make sure potential customers know who you are.Get involved in the community.

-What is your call to action?

4. Build Buyer Personas

-Knowing your target audience can be tough and trying to understand who they are can be tougher. You need to know your customer demographics, what they want and how your business can solve their problem?

5. Locate Your Customers on the Funnel

-How is your business being found? Is it social media? An article or an email?

6. Create a Content Plan

-What actions need to be taken to achieve your marketing goals? Creating and using the correct content and a measurable timeline will help with your strategy.

7. Analyze the Results

-The more information you receive will help guide you moving forward to reach your goals and determine if the strategy you are using is working.

Develop A Plan For Success

The digital world changes daily, so developing a digital marketing strategy to help you attain your goals is a crucial part of business development and success. It will help you to analyze efforts you have made and see what is working and what needs changed or improved. Having this plan in place as a guide will help your business easily adapt when changes need to occur. 

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