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A Virtual Pittsburgh Experience – Step Inside

Corkboard Concepts Conducts 300+ Virtual/360 Photo Tours:

Corkboard Concepts partnered up with a Florida-based virtual destinations company, Threshold 360, and Visit Pittsburgh to capture over 300 locations around the city of Pittsburgh and enhance the Corkboard Concepts’ 360 capabilities. The Corkboard Concepts team hit the streets to capture all of these locations spanning from Latrobe to Grove City, and from Downtown Pittsburgh to locations in Ohio!

The software that Threshold 360 provides is a fantastic way of virtually experiencing a location, similar to Google 360 Street View for Businesses except it allows to better section these off based on individual points of interest in a business. The way it works is that a single location is constructed of individual “Thresholds”, ranging from just 1 Threshold to 25+, like in our capture of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

Nemacolin Woodlands Virtual Tour:


Experience Pittsburgh – Virtually:

With all of the Virtual Walkthroughs that our team was able to take, as well as other 360 photographers in the Pittsburgh area, this has provided the city with – apologies for this shameless pun – a 360-degree view of the city! See the map below to view some of the locations that we were able to capture.

360 Map of Pittsburgh

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